Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Bid You Adieu~A Peek Into Last Month's Shopping Cart

Have you ever snuck a peek at what the person next to you in the check-out line has in their cart? "What did they get? How much did they pay for it?
And where did they find it because I want one too!" is what goes through our minds! It's a lot like that at the Paris Flea Market during the sale: people are always so curious as to what's been bought and is heading out the door. Well, we know it's not quite the same, but in the interest of quenching your curiosity, we thought we'd show you what were the most popular and fasted-selling items for March's opening. (You can click on the photos to see them larger.)

You could tell we were itchin' for SPRING! Lots of blues, greens and enough pastels held sway over the shop as to make you think you were walking in a spring garden! And at our first stop as we skip down the garden path, is this pretty little flower: four drawers, turned legs, carved wood embellishments and freshly painted in a sweet cottage white! Priced at $165, it was very much swooooonnnnn worthy!

Just a-traveling along, singing a song, side by side. These two nifty side tables could be used at either side of the bed or bookended on your favorite vintage sofa. They were fun while they lasted, but at $23.00 each, what do you expect? They were snapped up quicker than you can say "We know a bargain when we see it."

The more the merrier--another darling side table--this one has a glass knob for extra charm--was hoisted off its dainty little feet, brought up front, and written up (with a price of $34.00), paid for and dashed out to the car!

If it was wood and had cane anywhere on it, it sold last month! Benches, tables and case in point--this lovely chair. In fact the customer who bought this came to Paris Flea Market with a clear vision! She left with ALL of the above! Can't wait for her to send us a picture of how they all look in their new home! The chair was priced at $73.00, and it looked great paired with the other cane pieces she bought. Watch for more caned furniture in April!

And just like a prized rose grown with care, we'd like to present this lovely specimen. Can you believe all those curves? Ooh la la, mon cheri! (Insert cat-call here). We think this photo itself is worthy of framing! The desk, mirror and chair were all sold for a total of $265.00. Get out the smelling salts and call me a doctor!
So there's your peek. All done without any sidelong glances, squeaky-wheeled shopping carts or worrying about picking the slowest check-out line in the store.
Maybe next month you'll see a picture of what YOU bought at the April sale (April 7 - 10th) listed here! (You can also SIGN UP to get the monthly email announcements so you'll be reminded of each sale and any monthly contests just before it happens.)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I See Paris, I See France...

We're going to Provence and YOU can join us! Our customers Nancy, Trinity and Janet, who tried on some vintage glasses, hats, and pearled collars during our March opening, will show you that it's as easy as:




Do we need to spell it out for you? OK, we will!

Pack your bags and join us on a trip to Provence to go shopping with some of our "Fleas" and "Roomies" for French Antiquities.
Our well-seasoned, well-traveled and expert guide Jill Mitchell (who grew up in the Bay Area) of Le Trip, will be taking our fun group of ladies all around Provence June 2 - 7, 2011, to some of her "secret addresses".

She'll help us with all the ins and outs of this fabulous adventure, so we can all find rare "objets" and so many fun French things for so little money. We still have a few openings for you (and a friend!) that we need to fill. For more information, please email our "Flea-less" leader: Susan Goodman directly at