Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tally Ho, It's A Vintage Fashion Show!

Tally Ho, old chap. Won't you join us for some romping good fun as we embrace our passion for fashion with a showing of vintage styles? Model Heather Decleur, shown here ready to saddle up,

and Judy Heddlesten paraded, sauntered and vogued throughout the shop to treat us with roving wardrobe theatrics, assembled by our resident vintage fashion expert & "Flea" Jean Karavidas, below.

Red was the hot, hot hot word in February last month, and our models turn up the heat with these saucy numbers, softened by warm & furry winter coverings.

(Daughter and Mother team, Heather and Judy, our divine models)

Here Heather pulls off a demure look, in a wrapped dress with a large caped collar and 3/4 length sleeves. Her metallic shoes and neutral clutch define the look as pure lady-like casual wear.

Tone it down with a more modern silhouette dress, easy to accessorize with a boxy bag. Judy goes with a basic black blazer, flared slacks, shoes and bag so she's ready for anything that might come along.

Here, anything goes, from prom dresses to ultra mod (totally pulling it off, Judy!), when you want to have a party! If you're dressed for fun, it's guaranteed to follow!

Let's get cozy with a woven beige, black and gray, large plaid coat and warm, furry mink. Top off those pretty little heads with a floppy flannel hat and fun animal print number to pull it all together!

Romance and elegance are the words on every one's lips on Valentine's Day. These two outfits whisper sweet nothings as Heather and Judy get ready for their dates to arrive. Vibrant pinks and basic black are the perfect way to carry them through an evening with their sweethearts that they'll always remember!

Thanks ladies!

And we had to include customer Donna McCullough who tried on a rosy, pleated little number. It fits her like a glove, but she'll have to ask her niece if she can borrow it, as that's who she was testing it out for!

What's your passion? Vintage clothes, shoes, purses, hats or jewelry? We've got it all upstairs in the Tres Chic Boutique.

Hope to see you for our opening this month: March 1, 2 3 & 4th!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Did We Mention We Got A Mention?

By reading her blog An Artsy Chick you might come to believe that the art of swooning seems to be a favorite past-time for Cindy Deluz. Well why not? We could all stand to find a little more beauty to swoon over, couldn't we?

(all photos courtesy of Cindy DeLuz)

That's why we're so honored that she chose to come to the February opening at Paris Flea Market and seek out more beauty to behold. These photos all show it from her eyes, and she composed some swoon-worthy scenes.

Cindy's blog is "ponderings on people, paintings and Parkinson's" To see more delicious photos and find out why a paintbrush is is just plain good medicine, bookmark An Artsy Chick for her continuing artsy adventures!