Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time For Inspiration!

We love it when our customers inspire us! We got this note from 
Jackie Irby, who came to shop at Paris Flea Market during our 
January opening, and just had to share what she wrote!
Hi Ladies!
First I must tell you how much fun my daughter and 
I have visiting your store each and every month. 
We're usually in the store at least an hour or more,
and drag ourselves back to the car and load up. Each
and every one of you are friendly and very helpful.  
On Jan 9, I had a mission - to find a pair of black 
shutters and unusual clock items to hang on the shutters,
whose theme is "time".  Well, I scored big time and 
scooped up anything that would go with that subject matter.
It was fun, frustrating, exhilarating and exciting to
work on (the project). I'm going to paint on the top 
(on the wall) "When was the last time you did something 
for the first time?". I am going be very anxious to hear
your feedback. I get inspiration  and energy when I go 
to your store, and it entices me to start another project.
Of course you will be seeing my daughter and I again next
time - and perhaps a car with a bigger trunk!
Thank you for a great team of ladies who make shopping
so much fun. Counting the days til you open again.
Jackie Irby  
Well, Jackie, we think you, your idea and your project are all 
FABULOUS! Thanks from the bottom of our collective hearts
for sharing  it and your excitement with us! We're SO grateful
for our customers who support us in doing what we love to do
month after month!  
We hope to see you in Livermore, CA again at our next opening:
February 7 - 10th, 2013  
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