Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's Face it!

Keep an eye out for classic, retro and whimsical collectibles with a face any mother could love! (pssst! Mother's Day is May 13!)

Our next opening is almost here! May 1, 2, 3 & 4th.
Paris Flea Market
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Livermore, CA 94551
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Heureuses Pâques

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

We Bid You Adieu ~ A Peek Into Last Month's Shopping Cart

Have you ever snuck a peek at what the person next to you in the check-out line has in their cart? "What did they get? How much did they pay for it? And where did they find it because I want one too!" is what goes through our minds!

It's a lot like that at Paris Flea Market during the sale: people are always so curious as to what's been bought and is heading out the door. Well, we know it's not quite the same, but in the interest of quenching your curiosity, we thought we'd show you what were the most popular and fasted-selling items for our March opening. (You can click on the photos to see them larger.)

We either sold quite a few desks or they danced out on their own curvy legs and petite little feet. You'd be right to think this one looks like the French Provincial style you grew up with, and now it's BACK! (See? You CAN relive your childhood!) After being updated with a coat of warm, white paint, it sold for $68.00.

Sometimes you may need to scoot around other goodies to find what you're after, like this white dresser. You may remember this from your childhood too. It was just a plain old flat-fronted hunk 'o wood before we gave it a new life with new paint and a hand-painted embellishment around the knobs. Someone knew it was just the right size for their young daughter's room and after cashing out at $85.00, away to its new home it went.

Things were clucking right along when these chickens flew the coop. They were seen on our website gallery (we post current photos the Wednesday before each sale) by an anonymous poultry lover and snapped up first thing on our opening night before we could say "bauckkk"!

Customers love our chests! (Stop staring!) Theses getting-harder-to-find pieces become window seats and coffee tables, not to mention a great place to store your heirloom linens. We find them, leave them plain or paint them and they take their rightly place in one of our decorated vignettes. This one had an extra storage tray inside, and it was snapped up for the price of $189.00

This tall, dark and handsome Duncan Phyffe cabinet with ornate wood mullions was a great size: not to wide or deep, and it fit the bill (of $208.00) for a small Paris Apartment style home. It'll be a great home for all those silver and china pieces it will soon be displaying at its new home.

Another one of the desks ($179.00) that sold, this solid piece boasted tons of storage and the original brass pulls. The rolling chair ($55.00) with the curvaceous back splat went along for the ride when the customers decided to buy both!

And last, but certainly not least was this tall dresser. A great size for craft storage, jewelry or unmentionables (don't mention it!), but it sold before you could see it! Well, it was priced at $139.00, so next time, you'll just have to make sure you get here first! You'll have a chance to do just that at our next opening: April 12, 13, 14 & 15th.

Maybe next month you'll see a picture of what YOU bought listed here! (You can also SIGN UP to get the monthly email announcements so you'll be reminded of each sale and any monthly contests just before it happens.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did We Mention We Got A Mention?

Have you ever taken a slow-moving train and marveled at the sights sliding by? That, and knowing what's important seems to be the philosophy for a life well spent according to Annie at Scenes From A Slowmoving Train. She and her pal Elaine hit the road to come see us in March, and then she was kind enough to blog all about it!

She took lots of photos of small bright spots all around the store

(all photos from Scenes From A Slowmoving Train)

and when they had shopped to their hearts content,

they headed to downtown Livermore to make a few more discoveries.
To look at her travel-filled, everyday discovery, thought-provoking blog, we have a feeling she would have hopped a train, drove a car or peddled in on a bicycle if she had to, just to have an adventure! Thanks, Annie!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin'!

We just wanted to take this time to let you know that we're no fools! We love to let our customers know on any day that ends with "y" how much we appreciate them!

We wish you a very happy April Fool's Day! Devinez qui vous l'envoie?