Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Bid You Adieu ~ A Peek Into Last Month's Shopping Cart

Have you ever snuck a peek at what the person next to you in the check-out line has in their cart? "What did they get? How much did they pay for it? And where did they find it because I want one too!"
It's a lot like that at the Flea Market during the sale: people are always so curious as to what's been bought and is heading out the door. Well, we know it's not quite the same, but in the interest of quenching your curiosity, we thought we'd show you what were the most popular and fasted-selling items for June's opening. (You can click on the photos to see them larger.)

We thought this pine dining table would go quick both for the price ($248.00) and the fact that it could easily be mixed in a home with so many styles, and someone else must have been reading our mind, because it's gone onto its new home!
Ooh la la! We don't expect you to decorate your entire house to look like you live in a Paris souvenir shop. A touch here and there is a great way to remind yourself of how much you love it though! Would you believe that some of our customers have a "Paris room"? This 3 1/2 foot Eiffel Tower is now the centerpiece of a Parisian display.

Did we tell you that we have vintage clothing, purses, hats and jewelry? Last month we discovered people had a HUGE appetite for what we had to offer, and it was all heading out the door wrapped up in our signature pink polka-dot tissue and tucked into our shopping bags. This month we had even more to satiate customers. Next month, all you bathing beauties need to "get in the swim" of things and check out our kitschy vintage swimsuits. Esther William's (who?) got nothing on us!
OK, we have to admit this picture was taken before we opened the door on Thursday night. You are gonna kick yourself when you find out (We are warning you right now--get your softest slippers on right now before you read the next line!!!) that these fabrics (most from Calico Corners) were going like hotcakes priced as low as $4.00 up to $12.00 a bundle!
Does anyone really sit down at a coffee table to drink their coffee nowadays? We're all so busy that we doubt it. But who could resist this table? It's a huge, PINK, round disc of sweetness on short little legs, just begging us to bestow our undivided attention upon it! We're sure that the customer who bought it for a mere $23.00 (our best bargain of the month!) will have plenty of cash left over to make a run to Starbucks, come back home and use this table for it's intended caffeinated-purpose!

Now you're really gonna get jealous. There's only a big empty spot on the carpet where this cute dresser on wheels ($164.00) and it's side kick (AKA glass-front and sides display case priced at $148.00) once stood. But there will be something equally as fabulous in their place for our GRAND OPENING August 5, 6, 7 & 8th!

So there's your peek. All done without any sidelong glances, squeaky-wheeled shopping carts or worrying about picking the slowest check-out line in the store. Maybe next month you'll see a picture of what YOU bought at the July sale listed here! (You can also SIGN UP to get the monthly email announcements so you'll be reminded of each sale and any monthly contests just before it happens.)

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