Friday, July 23, 2010

A Timely Reminder...

This photo is brought to you by the bulletin board in your brain. You know--that little tiny spot between "pick up milk at the store" and "some day's trip to Paris". The spot between "what you have to do" and "what you long to do" called "This Is Something I Can Actually Afford And Want To Do Right Now!"
Time is ticking and it's right on the tip of your mental tongue, waiting to be recalled (like that soft, floaty, peaceful dream you were having before the yappy dog next door woke you up this morning!)
Do you hear that annoying clanging, over-zealous buzz or bonging chime? Hmmmmm, it must mean something that you've been eagerly awaiting is upon you!

It's time for something! We'll give you a minute to figure it out. In fact, we'll give you two weeks from yesterday to think about it.
Ahhhhhhh, that jogged your memory!
It's almost time for the GRAND OPENING of
(It's also a good time to SIGN UP HERE to get the announcement full of all the info your brain needs to move your feet in the right direction to get here!!!
Time marches on and we hope to see you march right in to see us in all our Parisian glory on August 5, 6, 7 & 8th!

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