Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things That Make You Go " ! "

Qu'est-ce que c'est?!? Our April opening is this Thursday! What is all this?

If we could bottle the "en grande quantité" amount of talent and energy contained in all of our "Fleas" we could sell it and make millions. But instead we like to make our money the old-fashioned way; by gathering the beautiful elements we love, putting them on display and opening the door to our many customers. About this time of the month, the gathering part is done, and what we're left with is this:

Oodles of ornate-ness!

Boxes of bounty!

Piles of pleasure!

Wonderful wire waiting for walls!

Bags of beauty!

Dressers needing knobs and clocks ready to tick!

Chandeliers lighting a pathway to the ladder!

What a mess, but it's a beautiful mess, and that in itself is inspiration to our collective creative "eye"! By this time on Thursday, April 7th, this blank wall will be full of someones creative vision and maybe YOUR new-found treasure!

And don't forget to wear any Spring hat for a chance to be entered into our $50.00 shopping spree! Plus, if your hat has been handmade by you, there's another $50.00 shopping spree contest waiting to be won for the one voted to be the best by our staff!

(Ruffles and Rust 2011)

Hope to see you then! For more information on our April sale, please check out our website at

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