Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pretty-Creep Show

We had five customers who all wore their hand-decorated hats in our fashion show of fright, all vying for the crisp $100 gift certificate give-away at our October opening! Let's take a look as they all fly in on their brooms and take command of the cat-walk:

(You can click on the pictures, if you dare, to see all the creepy details)

Our first model gives us the evil eye as she shows us her delightful/frightful entry. The romantic Eiffel Tower (complete with blinking lights!), which is covered with spider webs, sits down over her pointy little head, while spiders, a gecko, frog, black bird and a few unidentified curiosities climb up.

Next up is a beautifully spooky number. A long sheer black veil cannot hide her knowing smile, as she turns her head to show us the full effect of the light-catching iridescent feathers attached all around the brim extending to the point. Black lace and pom-poms molder on the flat of the brim add a playful touch.

Our next model appears to have used what ever she had laying around her witch's lire! A black skeleton shaded by a parasol, holds a glittering skull while a black crow watches the whole affair. The hat is topped with a glittered black whisk broom and is brimmed with a garden of black & orange roses.

Mirror, mirror on the wall--who's the creepiest one of all? My point (and this model DOES have one--it's cleverly curled over!) is that it's going to be hard to chose ONE WINNER. Frothy black netting and multi-colored ribbon trail like a echoing scream from around the brim and down the bony spine of our model.

And our last model who was "pushing up daisies", brightened our darkened doorstep with a shock of pink netting spilling over the edge, topped with bright be-headed, fall-colored flowers on a vibrant orange, silken band.

Thank you ladies. We will continue after the judges have a chance to cackle and confer.

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  1. Cackle, cackle, what a fine group of witches tee hee at the Paris Flea!