Sunday, February 12, 2012

Did We Mention We Got A Mention?

By reading her blog An Artsy Chick you might come to believe that the art of swooning seems to be a favorite past-time for Cindy Deluz. Well why not? We could all stand to find a little more beauty to swoon over, couldn't we?

(all photos courtesy of Cindy DeLuz)

That's why we're so honored that she chose to come to the February opening at Paris Flea Market and seek out more beauty to behold. These photos all show it from her eyes, and she composed some swoon-worthy scenes.

Cindy's blog is "ponderings on people, paintings and Parkinson's" To see more delicious photos and find out why a paintbrush is is just plain good medicine, bookmark An Artsy Chick for her continuing artsy adventures!

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