Saturday, June 2, 2012

You Drive Us Crazy!

But, in a GOOD way! We love to see the relationships our customers have with their cars, because some cars have a personality all their own. Like on this post from our other store, Room With A Past.

Here's cute little Paris Flea Market customer Tonya Dye, with her equally as cute, super spiffy mini car!

Hey what's that she's got in her hands? It's one of the reusable shopping bags we sell! Notice the resemblance? Who could resist?!?!? (Hope you're aware of our $25.00 shopping spree raffle for using a "green" bag, too! If not, make sure you ask about it next time you're in!)

And here's a familiar face who always sweetens up our 4 days a month at the shop, Jo Schwan, with her ultra hip, all-American PT Cruiser.

Whatcha' got there Jo? She's an expert at hunting down goodies, popping the hatch, packing them in the back, and tootling on down the road.

Hope we got your engine running! Let us know how much you love your car/truck and we may just feature the both of you in our blog next time! At any rate, step on the gas and join us for our upcoming June opening: June 7, 8, 9 & 10th!

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