Sunday, October 14, 2012

Witch Hat Do You Like Best?

Things got a little scary during our October 4 - 7th opening at Paris Flea Market. And by "a little" I mean we had some small participants in our annual $100 prize Witch Hat Contest! They were accompanied by their mom, Louise Jones, who also had a lovely entry into the contest:

Next, our door was darkened by Nancy Thomas, shown below, who came in with the smallest witch hat entry on record!!! How can you choose between them all???

  But, we knew we were looking at the winner when we saw this number fly in later:


How can you not be moved to shrieks and applause when you see the skeletons looking over the brim and the spinning witch on high, commanding attention?!?!?!?! 

You are the winner of a $100 shopping spree at Paris Flea Market!

Thanks to ALL of our customers who participated this year! 

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