Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let Us Make It Crystal Clear For You...

"I was going to rule the world, until something sparkly caught my eye!"

No truer words have been spoken! Just when you thought your world couldn't get any brighter, you glance across a crowded room and are blinded by the glint of light bouncing off a dangling prism!
They come in all shapes and sizes these hanging obsessions. From sweet and dainty:

to loaded and weighty. As long as you've got a ceiling, you're susceptible to getting "hung up" on the delicious habit of dreaming where in your house they would look best! Think outside the dining room.
A true "chandy" addict prefers them over the kitchen sink, in the powder room and right over the center of the master bed, as well! And, while they may be made for hanging, we've even seen them lit up in all their glory sitting right on the floor!
Feed your chandy dreams at Paris Flea Market when we open our door next Thursday, September 9 - 12th! Sign up HERE to receive our monthly reminder announcement.

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