Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wouldn't Hurt A Flea!

It was the month of haunting
And all through the store
The creatures where lurking
Amongst the treasures galore.

All of a sudden a shadow
In the corner I spied;
She was dressed all in black
Like Frankenstein’s bride!

I ran through the dark
And in a web I was tangled
I quick flailed away
For fear of being strangled!

She held out her hands
And I dropped to my knees
And that’s when I realized
She was one of the “FLEAS”

“May I take that up front?”
she asked with a smile
“And add it to
the rest of your pile?”

I sighed in relief;
I would be alright.
Happy haunting to you
And to all~a dark night!
Come see our FLEAS dressed in their creative, beautiful individually decorated (and slightly creepy) witch hats from October 7 - 10th!
Come in to our "Le Chic Boutique" on Sunday, October where you can dress in our vintage hats, get your make-up touched up and have your photo taken by Paula Walsh Photography!

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