Friday, October 8, 2010

Which Flea Is Witch?

We hope you don't loose your head if you didn't make it to the opening of the October sale last night! There's still three more days to go, so jump on your broom and get in here!

And don't be frightened when you walk in the door and see some ladies all dressed in black with pointy hats on their heads! It's just us FLEAS having some fun.

However, we give you unlimited permission to scream your lungs out when you head out into the haunted Parisian market! (Watch out for this green-skinned gal--she's NOT one of us!)

Don't forget to enter our creepy contest to guess how many semi-disgusting, but mostly interesting curiosities are in the apothecary jar before you leave the store, for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate!

We'll be waiting for you today from 9 - 4 PM, Saturday from 9 - 4 PM and Sunday from 10 - 4PM!

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