Friday, February 11, 2011

Did We Mention We Got A Mention?

We are ecstatic to have been mentioned on this cute blog about "Home, Garden, Design & Living". Starlet (We know; darling right?) over at Can You Come Home has what it takes to be a FLEA. Plunk a vintage hat on her head, and she fits right in!

She excitedly takes her blog readers by the hand as she narrates a little tour of our last month's sale at the store. No detail (from the ribbon trim on a vintage top to the crystal salt cellar) was missed as she heads upstairs to the Paris Cafe to make sure every one is well nourished with coffee and pastries as the tour begins!
(All photos from CAN YOU COME HOME)
She continues on through the rest of our rooms, snapping photos of a single chair, jewels strewn on an ornate mirror and a room full of eye candy, that turn into artful compositions with her creative eye.
The only thing that's missing is pictures of what she bought! We'll stay attentively tuned in to her blog and hope for more to come as she invites us in her home to show us her current decorating triumphs!!!

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  1. OOh, thank you so much. This post is so wonderfully written, I'm truly honored. And I guess I'm officially a FLEA!! Yay!