Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank Goodness For Little Girls

Even the pastries we serve upstairs aren't as sweet as the little girls we get here at the shop! Thank goodness for little girls; they make us laugh, they make us smile and they let us pretend again (if only for a short while)!

Thank goodness for Grace, one sweet face we can expect to see every month, who loves Paris so much she wanted to share this picture she made!

Thank goodness for these two little munchkins, who took a break long enough from shopping with their moms to model some of our fabulous must-have fashion accessories upstairs in the "Le Chic Boutique"!
Thank goodness for little girls who are patient while Mommy shops and then are kind enough to fold the seat down
so Mommy (Lisa, Mia & Monica!) can tote, hoist, and finagle that perfect piece of furniture she'd been searching for and finally found, into the sedan!

And thank goodness for little girls that grow up to become the kind of friends that Kristi can count on to get together on Thursdays nights, to paint the city of Livermore PINK with a little wining, dining and SHOPPING!
Need a little goodness and giddiness in your life? Skip on into our next opening: March 3, 4, 5 & 6th.

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