Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Magical July in Paris

There's a little magic for everyone at Paris Flea Market in Livermore, CA. Bring a few friends and you can all join in! Let's see what was happening around the shop during our last opening, July 12 - 15th, shall we?

These are familiar faces! These three ladies come every month, rain or shine. After a little shopping downstairs, they head up to our Paris Cafe in our "Le Chic Boutique" upstairs to share their pending purchases and have some complementary coffee and crumpets.

Oh dear! Yes, it was hot, but this is no way to cool off! Please dress appropriately when you come!

Downstairs there was a magic show of sorts going on! The Cece Caldwell Paint was flying in the able hands of our resident painting magicians, Karen and Lonae.

They both were demonstrating just what this Cece chalk & clay based paint can do, with the most trendiest colors of the hour: Spring Hill Green and Simply White!

We can safely demonstrate INSIDE our shop with this paint since there's NO overwhelming odors or fumes! Two chairs got the Cece treatment during our demo.

And for you lovers of a fabulous shortcut to re-upholstering chair seats--you will NOT believe this! You can use this paint to cover up the old seat--no removal needed! Just paint and seal with CeCe Caldwell's Satin Finish and you're done!


And all the customers got in on the fun!

Here's a kitchen cabinet door brought in by a customer who wanted a souvenir of the Cece magic performance to take back home. Take one um, sorry to say, totally unattractive oak door from circa 1970, give your Cece Simply White can a good shake, insert brush, apply Cece's Clear Wax and..........................................

PRESTO change-o, your ugly kitchen is now updated to cottage chic!

And for our grand finale ladies and gents, we give you Alaska Tundra Green:

Interested in attending a class to learn about all the finishes that can be achieved? Email us at!

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