Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Red Hats And Babies

Don't be such a BABY! Well, unless you're going to be a cute baby! And we had a lot of cuties at Paris Flea Market during one of our last openings. Take a look for yourself:

Little cutie pie + one on the way = double the fun!

A real doll, no?

She's in PINK--no wonder we thought she was SO CUTE!

Smilin' siblings!

Hey how'd that get in there? These gals are more babes than baby.

Need more cute in your day? Don't miss the summer opening at our sister store, Room With A Past in Walnut Creek, CA July 26 - 29th. And to carry on with the fun summer theme, make sure you mark your calender with a big red circle on August 4 & 5th for the first ever Paris Flea Market parking lot sale!!! Sign up HERE on our website to receive the monthly announcement so you'll get in on all the details!

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